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bee imaginative
about us.

bee imaginative was founded in santa barbara by
melissa thomas-anderson.

after earning her BS in biopsychology at UCSB, melissa, who had always enjoyed painting, drawing, photography, digital illustration, and pretty much any other art form she could get her hands on, found herself taking on small freelance design jobs in her spare time. the more freelance work she did, the more she craved it. and thus began her own company: bee imaginative.

bee imaginative is all about building an idea into a concept, and building that concept into an amazing physical entity - much like bees build up their beehives by putting together tiny hexagonal building blocks of wax. when their work is complete, bees end up with a beautiful, functional, and artistic piece. the diligence and ingenuity of bees is what we strive for every day here at bee imaginative.

so check out our pages. see the work we've done.
and if you like what you see, drop us a line. we'll be glad to hear from you.